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About the Farm

Iron Creek Farm is located on the rich black soils of northern Indiana, just a few miles south of Michigan. The land has been in the Mark family for over one hundred years, and has been farmed by generations of Patrick's family. Patrick and Tamera's home was built just steps away from the remains of the original log cabin built by Patrick's ancestors.

Iron Creek Farm is committed to the health of the environment and the people who eat their produce. The fields are certified organic and the farm is committed to practices that have the least impact on wildlife, protects the quality of the soil and water, and ensures the health and well being of your family.

About Patrick & Tamera

Patrick and Tamera Mark met at a farmer's market when they set up their produce stands next to each other. The market wasn't very busy, so they had time to fall in love. They married that winter and began farming as a team the next season. Both Patrick and Tamera come from farming families. Iron Creek Farm is located on land that has been in Patrick's family for generations. Tamera's family were fruit farmers in southwest Michigan. Tamera's three daughters Brittney, Kaela, and Aryn work for the family farm.


Tamera Mark, owner


Patrick Mark, owner